QuietUrl is a Firefox extension born to make all url-related tasks less painful, more intuitive and stress-free.

Current Version:   - 19 January 2013


  • Automatically open obfuscated/mistyped urls
  • Use of regular expressions to define url conversion rules
  • Maintain content-type when opening custom protocols
  • Automatically obfuscate urls typed into forum text-boxes (per-domain)
  • Automatic anchor creation on textual url hovering (no refer) "AutoUrl"
  • Smart anchor creation on partial url hovering (no refer) "SmartUrl"
  • Url bar directory tree fast select mode on mouse move
  • History control allowing marking urls as visited/unvisited

You can find the add-on both on the Mozilla add-on website here or, because often Mozilla is very slow in the review process, you can download the very latest version from this same website, here.



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